GET READY FOR A SURPRISE! Nike SB Team Classic 'Mars Yard 2.0' Sneaker Unboxing


SJ is back with her first Nike SB Team Classic! After sitting on the fence for these Nike SB Team Classic in the 'Mars Yard 2.0' colorway SJ bagged these SB's in the sale for the bargain price of only £30; sitting on the fence did pay off after-all.

The Team Classic is a shape not everyone is a fan of but the mix of materials in the 'Mars Yard 2.0' colorway looks epic on these. The rough suede will wear well and the red leather swoosh and SB detailing really makes these stand out.

It isn't just SJ that loves these Nike SB's, Huxley the spaniel takes a shine to them too, so watch for his starring appearance. In fact if there was a sneaker that was Huxley, this is it!

On-foot of these coming soon.... thanks for watching and enjoy the Huxley moment!



The Nike SB Team Classic details:

Nike SB Team Classic 'Mars Yard'


Code : AH3360-202

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