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Who Are
Pint of Stuff?

Pint of Stuff are Mr B and SJ, not your average sneakerheads, in fact probably not sneakerheads at all, just a couple of people who love sneakers and creating and sharing videos around their passion for sneakers.

Mr B and SJ share sneaker unboxing, sneaker reviews and cinematic sneaker on-foot videos videos which are a more stylised on-foot type of video.

Pint of Stuff also stream on YouTube every Sunday bringing a relaxed casual sneaker inspired chat stream to YouTube where Mr B and SJ rummage through the sneaker news, share what they’ve had in rotation and add a bunch of waffle, so if you’re around at 8pm UK time, 12pm Pacific or 3pm Eastern come join them on YouTube.


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What is
Pint of Stuff dot Com

Pint of Stuff dot Com is the place where Mr B and SJ collate their YouTube videos, Instagram feed, Twitter and coming soon their podcast.

It’s also where you will be able to support Pint of Stuff by buying Pint of Stuff merchandise and you’ll also be able to contact Mr B and SJ about any collaborations you or, if you’re a brand, your brand may want to do in the future.

Expect this site to grow as Pint of Stuff grows…

…And let’s #prayforgumsoles